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Wayward Ark Productions was created by Laina Barakat in 2016. The company is dedicated to telling honest stories through unorthodox methods of filmmaking. With a focus on untold stories, women in the industry, and New Hampshire productions, Wayward Ark Productions offers opportunities to empower both female and New Hampshire filmmakers and students both behind the camera and on screen, sharing narratives that are often overlooked or under-appreciated by an entertainment driven industry.

More about Laina Barakat

Laina Barakat is an Independent Film Writer, Director and Producer. Her film career began with an internship for Either/Or Films during Post Production and Distributions of The Sensation of Sight (David Strathairn, Ian Sommerhalder, Jane Adams, Ann Cusak). The first film she produced, Only Daughter, premiered at Cinequest Film Festival and picked up various awards across the country including Audience Choice Award at New York No Limits, and NH Film of the Year at New Hampshire Film Festival. While working with Kingston Road Pictures in late 2015, Laina Associate and Line-Produced a documentary film in Grand Rapids Michigan called More Art Upstairs, which premiered at Hot Docs in 2017. Laina co-founded and was Executive Director for the Monadnock International Film Festival during its first three years. 

Barakat formed Wayward Ark Productions in 2016 to take creative control of her projects, and empower young filmmakers in the Monadnock Region. She currently lives in Harrisville, New Hampshire and while balancing her film pursuits, she is the General Manager of 54 year old organization, Monadnock Music.