Somewhere In July

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Short Film

Awards: Best Performance - New Hampshire Film Festival & Audience Choice Award - New England Film Festival

The Film

Somewhere In July follows a 10-year-old girl, caught in chasm of a family divided over her father’s recent transition into a woman. Filmed stylistically from the perspective of the child, our story captures the innocent and pure love of a child, at play with an at times harsh and confusing world. July is forced into an adult world of politics and morality and with all of these pressures and new, mostly negative social attention, she just wants her family back.

Somewhere In July is part of 8 BEATS

Over 75 filmmakers, designers, marketing professionals, and artists from across North America have been divided into eight regional teams. Each team will produce and distribute a 5-12 minute short film inspired by the themes of the eight Beatitudes, done at the highest quality possible and distributed with all the power of modern marketing strategy.

The final work will be released as an anthology feature film and will be available through both digital download and blu-ray. It will include a behind the scenes documentary on the making of the film, as well as a custom design booklet featuring poster art by the participating artists.

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Director - Laina Barakat

Writer - Laina Barakat & Aaron Wiederspahn

Producer - Laina Barakat, Christine Altan, Dave Leross

Cinematographer - Dave Leross

Editor - Jeff Kolter

STARRING: Emma Wiederspahn, Lisa Bostnar, Joslyn DeFreece, Michael Dell'Orto, Sarah Sandback, and Evalina Forchion. 

Joslyn DeFreece as LENOX

Joslyn DeFreece as LENOX

Joslyn Defreece

Joslyn DeFreece is an actress, known for Carl[a] (2011), Concealed Truths (2017) and Veronica (2018).